rolex yacht-master 37 ár


During this time, the specialty store moved 'MADE IN GERMANY' (Made in Germany) to the 6 o'clock position on the bottom edge of the plate and dried. rolex yacht-master 37 ár The GU Transatlantique Type XXI watch was equipped with the Calc 584K movement, which was replaced with Cal. rolex yacht-master 37 ár
The price of these two watches is about 40,000 yuan, the snow-white surface is 40,300 yuan, the artificial blue ice is up to 41,000 yuan. Looking very elegant, it was decorated with eight beautiful white roses. The 42mm self-winding watch with a Horse Four Golden Nut. rolex yacht-master 37 ár you just hit you - for example: some people say that a cheap explosion happened in one place. This model uses a flat and convex dual protective sapphire back cover.

Details: Primero 4069 Automatic Chronograph Comes with, regardless of its design or function, making it very popular. However, watchmakers in Athens completed a seven-part design process. The plastic part made of white gold has a round shape, is decorated with a pit, simple and wide, giving the viewer a sense of excitement about the original. SuperLumiNova luminous watch.

In 1883, eight years after the establishment of the Audemars Piguet business, the first Audemars Piguet movement brought fresh air to the fine and productive Swiss Jura Valley (Valléede Joux). All design ideas and inspiration are real.

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