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In 1973, when Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronom├Ętres (COSC) applied different designs for chronometer (Chronometer), he adopted Bohr's '' Structural Design of Electronics 'and developed the design. prix du chocolat rolex yacht master Inspired by the Diverse 65 timepiece, a timeline that uses a classic case and simple three-hand operation, has captivated many watch enthusiasts. prix du chocolat rolex yacht master
The ultra-thin Piaget Altiplano watch line is named after the Andes. A distinctive and functional feature of this watch is that the end of the GMT hand has an indicator and rdquo, norddquo, (north), applicable to areas with direct sunlight. For a long time, Piaget only made a watch mirror in gold. prix du chocolat rolex yacht master Rate is higher than public rate. Public value is between 300,000 and 400,000 RMB ...

The watch is encrusted with 548 diamonds (of which 255 are for a beautiful dial). Hot metal spots are rotated every 60 seconds. To make it easier for the next level. The watch is also equipped with a Rolex (Rolex) patented blue serachrom ring, which is scratch resistant, resistant to external wear and durable.

and the Ten days: Combination of the ten gods and the zodiac represent the twelve realms that make up the sixty jizi circles. So how do people from different groups choose watches.

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