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with simple date display on body at 6 o'clock and full moon at 10 o'clock (with full moon sales) figure) in middle) Yes: sub-clock A specially designed item. falso fabricante de rolex vinculado a Manually and set up for 12 o'clock, 3:00, 6:00 and 9 o'clock are fixed at night to ensure that the time can be clearly read in bright light. falso fabricante de rolex vinculado a
Advanced technology and the public registration process has reached the beauty of an entire generation, making our lives better and clearer. The phone is decorated with handmade accessories. The diameter of the beam is 23.9 mm. falso fabricante de rolex vinculado a Over the years, he has committed to promoting the popularity and popularity of yachting around the world and has promoted a number of world-class boating events. Go beyond the limits of design.

In contrast, the well-functioning rust businesses are more stable in real life. This year is the year of the IWC Portugal Series. Next, the need to drill three small holes in and around the tanglin dial to install the nail and tape measure. Scale amorphous alloy steel can be fitted to the inner ring of the ceramic, which improves the scratch resistance of the watch material.

There is a data display window for three hours, which can increase efficiency of viewing time. The dial of the watch represents the simplicity of the watch.

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