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Portofino's new design concept is because these watches can be customized to suit your face or mind. rolex daytona 16518 original contre faux The new full-temperature range has been increased: diameter is 32mm and shape has been redesigned to ensure maximum wearing comfort; Its curves intersect the curves of the wrists. rolex daytona 16518 original contre faux
Since I like to watch watches, so I choose watches or news, watch shops or other business, so it must also be profitable. Since then, he has been in an unbelievable position in the transition. Pocket watch Currently, Bernard Store has 4 pocket tourbillon designs, all of which are very strong. rolex daytona 16518 original contre faux Wilhelm Schmid was born in 1963 in Juelich, Germany. Clock, minute, number and hour all coated with super bright coating.

The new model uses blue and black, as if it were a blue walk, away from the vibrant, blue and black colors of the sky. Strap: Black Ocean Racer rubber strap (perforated). Octo Finissimo Automatically breaks world records and wins a brand new masterpiece The simple dial is comparable to fingerless fingers and face-to-face ratio, showing a nice breeze.

Although there are many men's working hours positions, women's working hours with these positions are more elegant and mechanical. The case is 44 mm in diameter and 17.1 mm thick.

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